Specialists in new food products

At VERIPAN we are specialists and your partner in the areas of innovative food products, food design and food engineering. We create the next generation of foodstuffs through improved taste, nutritional value and presentation by the development of new ingredients, recipes and technologies.

Consumers are increasingly seeking authentic, premium and natural foodstuffs. We help our clients by driving innovation – which outpaces total category growth in many segments. These include many starch and fat based products such as: bakery, confectionery and dairy, to list a few.

Our motto is to strive for continuous innovation, not for instant perfection. We focus on product quality, customer service and competitive pricing. At Veripan, we know how to capitalize on global market developments in the food industry. We are able to supply clients with a broad consumer base, a wide range of tailor-made products reaching new market segments, across the globe.

Our main manufacturing hub is located in Switzerland; however we also produce in other countries around the world such as Malaysia, Australia and several European countries. This allows us to adapt our products to regional raw materials and moreover to local specific tastes.

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