Sugar is being increasingly maligned recently.

It is being linked to obesity, diabetes, diabetes and dental disease. The evidence both clinical and from epidemiology  is becoming almost impossible to refute.

There is something worse that sugar – it is starch.

Starch is how the plant kingdom  stores it energy. Animals store energy as fat.

That makes starch become energy – 4 calories per gram. However, before it become energy, it need to be made to sugar. Yes .. starch in the body turns to sugar and very efficiently. If you chewed on some rice long enough, it becomes sweet. Starch is the only food group that is digested in your mouth.  Indeed, a bowl of white rice is the chemical equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar!!!

What makes starch more dangerous than sugar is that it is tasteless. You can easily overeat. This more so with purified starch where all other nutrients (proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins) have been removed by processing.

Tasteless starch makes you eat more without knowing. Indeed, nobody stops at  a bowl of rice. Sometimes it is possible to eat 2 -3 bowls of rice which equals to 20 – 30 spoons of sugar in one sitting. Would you be able to “handle” that much sugar at a sitting?

That is what makes starch so dangerous … it is”hidden” and “disguised sugar”

Other sources of large amounts of starch – wheat, corn, potatoes and tapioca.