About Holista CollTech

Holista CollTech Ltd (ASX : HCT ) is research-driven biotech company, a result of merger of Holista Biotech Sdn Bhd and CollTech Australia Ltd dedicated to delivering first class natural ingredients and wellness products. The company is the only company producing sheep (ovine) collagen using its patented extraction methods and is on track in nano-nising and liposome encapsulating the Ovine Collagen. The company research, develops, manufactures and markets “healthstyle” products to address the unmet and growing needs of natural medicine. Holista CollTech leads in research on herbs and food ingredients from Malaysia’s rainforest – the oldest in the world. The Company’s mission is to build a world class company, focus on providing consumers with scientifically enhanced, engineered and tested natural health supplements and consumer products.

Holista CollTech Ltd aims to specialize in the natural ingredients industry by working in partnership with world leading players to take the message of “possible” for a better healthstyle, physically and emotionally to the world!

The mission of Holista CollTech Ltd is to provide society with all natural healthstyle products through innovations that advances the eminence of life and meeting customer needs, providing employees with momentous work environment and advancement opportunities, enhancing partner’s business and investors with a greater rate of return.

Should you be interested to read more about HolistaCollTech please see the Holista website here.