A scholarly article by Meiert J. Grootes & Theresa Jacobs

Today, obesity is one of the biggest social burdens in the world. This could have devastating consequences for our health care system, which will not be able to stem the global obesity crisis at hand. Even though obesity and overweight has now spread to developed and developing countries, prevention measurements are still lagging behind.

This paper will explain the origins of the crisis and will look deeper into the coming burdens for the global health care system.

Furthermore, it will point out a few solutions, focusing on the carbohydrate confusion and the fact that a well-balanced diet of complex carbohydrates could be an important step towards a healthier diet for everyone.

The article was written by VERIPAN CEO Meiert J. Grootes and published in the German publication ‘Getreide, Mehl & Brot’ (Wheat, Flour & Bread). The scholarly journal has over 70 years of experience in the wheat industry,  working closely with industry specialst and allowing for high-quality content all around wheat, flour and bread.

The original version is in German and was published in June of 2017. Follow the link below for the translated version in English.

The Global Obesity Crisis by Meiert J. Grootes


If you would like to receive the original German version please let us know or get directly in touch with the publishing house Verlag Moritz Schäfer GmbH in Detmold.