The Singapore Government Rings in the New Year with the Fight against Sugar

The Chinese New Year celebrations are famous for the large family gatherings and the abundance of food available throughout the week-long Holiday. As family meals take the center stage during this time so do high fat and high sugary foods. Responding to this problem, the government of Singapore released a short clip, promoting moderate eating during the Chinese New Year celebrations. The clip was released as part of the “Let’s Beat Diabetes” campaign by the Ministry of Communications in order to educate people on the often hidden sugar content in their foods.

With over 400,000 Singaporeans over the age of 18 currently suffering from diabetes this video is very important, in order to raise awareness about the disease. The video has gone viral on the government website and also gained more than 300,000 views on YouTube in the first days after being released.

Recently, the govenment of Singapore has made health, especially diabetes and obesity, a priority on their agenda, because health care costs have exponentionally risen together with the weight increase of the population. Europe’s BMC Public Health journal published an article, stating that in 2016 diabetes cost Singapore more than USD 1 billion in 2010 and that under current conditions the costs will continue to rise to USD 2.5 billion by 2050. Part of the reason is also the lack of knowledge within the public. According to the Ministry of Health in Singapore, 11.3% of adults in 2010 were diabetic, with only about half even aware that they had diabetes. The video released this year during the Chinese New Year aims to attack this lack of knowledge in the public eye and bring diabetes to the forefront of people’s minds.