PANATURA®GI : Ground-breaking ingredient for Low Glycemic bread

With PANATURA®GI we have developed the world’s first all-natural sourdough with a significant Glycemic Index (GI) lowering capability without any chemical additives. We only use traditional bakery ingredients like white wheat flour, oil and yeast in combination with a proprietary blend of carefully selected plants.

All the carbohydrate foods we eat cause a release of glucose into the bloodstream—and a corresponding rise in insulin—but some raise glucose more than others. Standard white bread with a high GI value tends to cause a higher spike in blood sugar, and because high-GI foods are so quickly metabolized, they tend to make you hungry again sooner.

By contrast, lower-GI foods like white breads made with PANATURA® GI are metabolized more slowly and are believed to keep your appetite on a more even keel. So finally you can enjoy your daily slices of white sandwich bread and manage your weight, reduce your risk of Typ-2 diabetes and reduce your risk of heart disease.

White breads made with PANATURA® GI have a scientifically proven Low Glycemic Index (GI <55).

Clinical trials have been done by the renowned University of Sydney, and we are proud to be accredited by the Glycemic Index Foundation in Sydney.

Our breads have the typical look and feel of artisan style products, however industrially made. And moreover with PANATURA® GI bread eating becomes an everyday guilt-free indulgence with better flavor, better taste, and a softer crumb.

We are developing a new generation of delicious and healthy white breads made entirely from all-natural ingredients, so no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no stabilizers. Our mission is to give people the enjoyment of everyday white bread that only contains the purity of nature without health and environmental drawbacks. We have found a better way to make the foods you love, in an all-natural way.